TIPPER’S GORE: Unsettling Loss: EP

Mar 31, 2009

A lot of hype around this band. While they’re certainly not the second coming of Christ, this record isn’t shabby. It’s actually quite good. Standard hardcore punk that holds its own quite well with all the other bands out there kicking up the same storm. A definite early ‘80s influence, but still more modern than retro. The vocalist spits the words out in a frantic pace, which makes me think he’s frothing and slobbering all over the place like a rabid dog. The music is frantic as well, at times verging on total thrash. “Talk for Me” cranks away, and the repetitive chorus reminds me of the early thrash bands that sounded fast then, but not fast now, yet still good. I like that you can hear the bass in the mix, even when the songs get a bit hectic. “I’m Disappointed” is slightly slower and still a burner. “Get Up” is a good mix of mid and fast. Starts off with a foreboding mid tempo then kicks in the speed, as well as throwing in some stop-go breaks.

 –M.Avrg (Flat Black)