TIN ROOF CATS: On the Roof: CD

Jul 13, 2007

Rockabilly bands not from these shores are at a distinct advantage in their home countries. Tin Roof Cats, who hail from Bremen, Germany, probably don’t have a lot of competition, but they’d wipe the floor with any contenders who might challenge them. On The Roof is brilliantly composed and produced and, like so much other rockabilly, a total blast to swing to—especially tracks like “Hold Tight, Miss Dynamite,” “Bad Bad Boy,” “Feelin’ Kinda Dirty,” and “Let’s Go Boppin’ Tonight.” But if you’re not already completely enamored with the genre, there’s not a lot here you’re going to go ga-ga over. The band is at their best when going out on a limb as with the Cramps-ish instrumental “Wild Bunch,” which is punctuated with sleazy, b-movie guitar riffs. Endorsed by none other than the great Ray Campi, these Cats have their musical clichés down pat (of course that’s not terribly relevant on the dance floor). You’ll either love them for their proficiency or be bored stiff at their reluctance to go beyond the tried and true.

 –eric (Jungle Room)