TIN ARMOR: Life of Abundance: LP

These dudes write really good songs. Songs that leave an imprint, that stick in your head for days and weeks after you first hear them. Rock and roll songs that are “punk” in spirit, if not execution. (This is really piano/keyboard-driven rock music with great melodies. They aren’t thrashing three chords and singin’ about smashing the state.) I can’t really compare them to anyone else. They manage to take my least favorite instrument in the world (the keyboard—admit it, those things are rock-killers!) and make it my favorite part of their band. They even play a Beatles cover live (“Don’t Let Me Down”) and not only do they not louse it up, (as is generally the case with Beatles covers, and by “is generally the case” I mean “is fucking always one-hundred percent of the time the case unless you are Gray Matter”) they kick its ass. I cannot recommend this LP enough—it’s quite simply one of the year’s best releases. Tin Armor are probably playing in a basement near you soon. Go see them and pick up this record. You’ll be very glad you did.

 –Ryan Horky (tinarmor.com)