Jul 09, 2009

The Timversion: how do I accurately describe to you how amazing The Timversion are? Do I talk about how their sound is in line with some of my favorite bands like Tiltwheel, Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission, and Panthro UK United 13? Do you even know those bands? Do I talk about how, amidst the noise and chaos of their songs, there are a really cool, Replacements style melodies? Or do I just say, “Forget about everything else I’ve recommended to you and buy something by The Timversion first”? Baggage: maybe it’s enough for me to just say that – in light of all my praise of The Timversion – I’m still happy to flip this record and hear the Baggage side. Baggage are in line with other bands on the Snuffy Smile label in the sense that they take a solid Leatherface influence and blend it with a fuzzy, Japanese rock’n’roll sound and end up blowing my mind. My only complaint about this seven inch is that it’s so tough to get ahold of Snuffy Smile stuff in the US. If anyone knows of a US distro for these guys, please let me know.

 –sean (Snuffy Smile)