TIMMY’S ORGANISM: Singles Collection & Unreleased Tracks: 2 x LP

Freaked-out undulations, bedroom psychedelia, and sonic demons are unleashed on this twenty-three song collection. Tim Lampinen (“Timmy Vulgar”), of Clone Defects and Human Eye, rants and raves like a man possessed by a kaleidoscopic wah pedal; with each stomp the insanity is intravenously ramped to eleven. The songs range from cacophonous rackets (“Waste Time”) to playful instrumentals (“Building the Friend-Ship Part II”) and rock’n’roll parodies (“I’m a Nice Guy Now”). Some tunes are genuinely moving and heart-wrenching such as “Sadness Walks” and “Vacuum Up My Shattered Heart,” which sound like Daniel Johnston tripped out on LSD. Your enjoyment of Timmy’s Organism depends on whether you find early Flaming Lips to be indulgent, art rock nonsense or tame experiments in pop. If you fit into the latter group, Timmy’s Organism is here to concuss your brain with madness waves. I imagine, live, Timmy must induce spontaneous combustion. 

 –Sean Arenas (HoZac, hozacrecords.com)