TIMMY’S ORGANISM: I’m on a Hunt!: 7”

Jul 13, 2010

Dirty proto punk inspired racket from Timmy Vulgar and co-conspirators. The A side, and title track of this single, is a rough and filthy-sounding mid-tempo song. A smidge of the New York Dolls, a tad of the Heartbreakers, and topped off with some early Cleveland belligerence. It starts off with a lurching pace then transitions to a faster gait that raises the energy level. I really like the guitar sound here. Johnny Thunders meets Keith Richards—bluesy and cutting at the same time. The B side, “Don’t Forget You Pretty Stare,” slows things down and changes the tone to something slightly more reflective, and yet they throw in the line, “Don’t forget your underwear!” Two songs to give you a taste. I find I need a little more. How about an EP or even an LP next time?

 –M.Avrg (Douchemaster, douchemasterrecords.blogspot.com)