TIMMY VULGAR: Center of Saturn: Cassette

Sep 19, 2013

Timmy Vulgar: he makes awesome Mexican food, puts out records with Human Eye, and doesn’t need responsibility, man. This cassette tape is for fans only. They’ll love it. Casual Timmy fans (if they exist) won’t. This tape is lo-fi. The fact that halfway through listening to it I figured out that the gnarly hiss coming from the speakers was attributable to my cassette player acting up—and not due to Timmy’s rudimentary recording equipment—speaks volumes for how lo-fi Center of Saturn is. There are some gems on here. The instrumental stuff is nothing short of amazing. There are some free-association tracks as well. If you still have a cassette player and like Timmy Vulgar (come on, people, the latter’s a no-fucking-brainer), pick this one up.  –ryan (Flesh Wave, fleshwave.bandcamp.com)