Jul 21, 2015

Timeshares’ 2011 debut album Bearable is one of my favorite records of the past ten years, resulting in high expectations for this, the follow up. It was pleasing to immediately hear that the key components found on the debut were all still in place with well-structured arrangements being matched by lyrics capable of drawing me in with ease. The songwriting also retained the same sense of no stone being left unturned to ensure tracks contained exactly the right hook, riff, key change, and/or drum fill to make the final result as complete as it could be. The one main difference being that the band has allowed the influences of Lucero and The Replacements into its music, mixing Southern and Midwestern rock in with its more established pop punk style. This change brings in a slightly more mature aspect to the music, and one that I am wholeheartedly down with. Bearableis a stone cold classic and early indications are that Already Dead is in the same ballpark. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Side One Dummy)

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