TIMEBOMBS: Mumbling: 10”

Jan 20, 2011

Whoah-ho-ho! This is so fucking ugly! Noisy and blown-out sonic nihilism. Mix Void with Drunks With Guns and you get something similar to this. I have nothing but respect for a band like Timebombs, who instead of playing it safe and growing boring, have decided to step away from a more acceptable sound, and actually become more “hardcore” than most hardcore bands out there. That might sound like a large statement to lay on some band, but, really, hardcore was never about playing it safe, taking it easy, and playing favorites to a crowd. That sort of behavior is for pussies. If you want a band that does that, then look up your local Heartbreakers or Stooges clone bands. On this 10” they go further out than they did on their recent LP. The sound is darker, noisier, more unpleasant, and so fucked up. Even the lyrics are as nihilistic and twisted with lines like, “I’ve prayed for the day I slit your throat,” “I need more dead, I need more slaughtered, I need to be dead,” and “Pitch black are the eyes that I see.” Yep... Can’t wait to catch these guys live in a couple weeks.

 –M.Avrg (Cowabunga)

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