TIMEBOMBS : Kill Music: EP

Mar 31, 2009

Looking at the low rent art (Robocop clutching a decapitated head) and dumb lyric sheet, it appears this band doesn’t have much going for them. That’s part of what makes this work so well. Pressed on this record are five songs of raw, early ‘80s-style hardcore punk rock that musically recalls Teen Idles, Neos, and a host of other bands of that era. Jagged and abrasive guitar sound, chaotic drums, a vocalist with a voice that cracks. The songs are speedy, urgent, and go for broke every time. No obtuse lyrics, just teen angst. Easily the best band on the Flat Black label. I’ve played this record about twenty times today. So f’n good. It’s pretty near mind-blowing that a band today can tap into that energy of old bands and make it sound legit. This is one to get.

 –M.Avrg (Flat Black)