Sep 10, 2009

Upon my first listen, I admit I was already thinking that even if I didn’t like the static, dreary songwriting style of this record, it might have some quality that would avail itself by the last track. But the down tempo plodding of drums pounded on, and the anticlimactic guitar swells continued. Call it bullshit, but I was even saying to myself, “Well, at least it is well recorded, right?” But, try as I may, I couldn’t erase an image that a friend (while hearing me play this record) planted in my head. It catalyzed something in me when he said, “They have the sound of a band that would be the background music for a sensitive make out scene in American Pie 3. Yes, it is a record loaded with empty, weakly used lyrical devices. The instrumentation at times is arty and momentarily driving but quickly settles back into maintaining a non-threatening, gloomy crawl. So sure, why wouldn’t it fit right in to a hollow-headed Hollywood teen film? Worse yet, "Walls Between Us" aims at evoking some "sad reflex" reaction. It is chock full of somber and depressing emotional stories. Time Spent Driving’s songs on this record are so overwrought with hyper-dramatic situations and sappy blatherings about loves (repetitively) lost, it is an exhaustive and mediocre listen at best.

 –guest (Sessions)