TIME FLIES, THE: The In Crowd: 7”

Jan 24, 2008

This band would fit into a genre that I would like to call “plural rock.” Plural rock is music made by bands with names like The Stinkies or The Greasies or The Porknobs or The Toilets or something that always ends in “s.” You can be pretty much assured by the sound of the band name that they are or going to be an umpteenth generation retread of a rock’n’roll, punk, or garage rock band. I usually write bands like this off based on their name alone. Hell, if I miss out on a good band in the process, my loss right? But from my understanding, the cream rises to the top and I’ll find out about the good shit eventually. Anyway, this isn’t really that bad of a record or anything, it’s just... plural rock.

 –Craven (Douchemaster)