TIM VERSION, THE: Prohibition Starts Tomorrow: LP

Jul 02, 2009

Since this is a re-issue and I reviewed the CD format of this record prior, since I placed it on my 2003 top ten list, and since you can sift through roughly twenty pages of reviews of their entire catalog, interviews, and live reviews on razorcake.org (use the “search archives” function) if you want to read about my perpetual touchdown stance that I take with The Tim Version, let’s talk about format. I started seriously getting into punk in the mid-’80s when the most pushed format was cassette. I lived in the desert. My cassettes experienced a ninety-eight percent failure rate. Of the hundreds I played, only several dozen remain today (and many of those are warped or are tenuously spliced together with transparent tape). Then came CDs, a format I’ve always been ambivalent to. They’re utilitarian when working (no getting up and flipping over the record) and driving around. But I give the format—not necessarily the music on them—as much thought as pieces of shiny scrap paper. Some of the first CDs I ever purchased are now starting to flake and fail. Prohibition Starts Tomorrow, when it was first released in 2003, never got the vinyl treatment. Now, I’m not one to say, “If it’s not on vinyl, it doesn’t exist in my musical world.” But, as I write this, to my left and behind me are hundreds upon hundreds of vinyl records; organized, cared for, and regardless of their monetary value, cherished. Their legacy is as immediate as putting the needle down on the acetate and having the room fill up with music. And it’s this legacy—one that can last over a hundred years—check out the Cylinder Preservation and Digitization site run by UC Santa Barbara for a working example—that I think that bands like The Tim Version are worthy of. So, fuck yeah, I’m stoked that Prohibition’s on vinyl. Dudes deserve it and it’s totally worth picking up, even if you have the CD already.

 –todd (Attention Deficit Disorder)