TIM VERSION, THE: Decline of the Southern Gentleman: CD

Jul 03, 2009

I don’t like to throw around terms like “near perfect record” too often for fear of cheapening them, but that’s damn well what you get here with Decline of the Southern Gentleman. Heartfelt, perfectly executed workingman’s punk rock without pretension. I had previously heard various tracks by The Tim Version on compilations that I found solid, but not mind-blowing. However, the band has elevated their game tremendously with this new release or I simply did not give The Tim Version their due attention on my earlier exposures. The standout track undoubtedly has to be the second song, “Murder,” a passionate and catchy tune about the human temptation to seek simple, messy solutions to the outrage-inducing injustices flaunted in front of all of our eyes by the world we live in. Overall, the lyrics are strong and range more towards the personal than political, but overlap within both spheres. In addition to having the lyrics printed in the CD booklet, they also have brief written introductions and explanations for all twelve songs—which I always appreciate—particularly with a release of exceptional quality that I fully anticipate listening to dozens of times in the weeks and months to come. –Jake Shut

 –guest (No Idea)

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