TIM VERSION, THE: Creating Forces that Don: CD

Aug 14, 2009

This album has been on high rotation around Razorcake HQ. It finds its way into the CD player every day. We’ve burned copies for a bunch of people. When someone asks me what really cool new band I’ve heard lately, I say, “The Tim Version.” Musically, they’re somewhere between Panthro UK United 13 and Tiltwheel, which is a great place to be, musically. The songs can be at once a wall of sound and a catchy hook. They know when to rock and when to let the songs breath. And, like Panthro and Tiltwheel, The Tim Version can play a song that lasts over three minutes and I don’t mind at all. That’s a huge compliment coming from me. I can relate to their songs, too, whether it’s an abstract rant on our consume and die culture or just a simple statement in a song title, like “Hardcore Drugs Made Me a Better Person.” The Tim Version toured this summer with Tiltwheel and the Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission. I’m bummed out that they didn’t come anywhere near LA, so I didn’t get to see them. In a perfect world, that tour would be recognized as a great moment in musical history. In an imperfect world, I still have albums by Tiltwheel, Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission, and The Tim Version. And that’s pretty good, too.

 –sean (Attention Deficit Disorder)

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