TIM TIMEBOMB: Special Lunacy: CD

May 21, 2014

Tim from Rancid / Transplants enlists help from friends to recreate (cover) a series of classic rhythm and blues, country, folk, and rock’n’roll classics from artists such as Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, LaVern Baker, Johnny Cash, and even Bruce Springsteen. At first listen, I mistook all of the songs as originals save for the Boss’s “I’m Going Down,” which I’ve heard ad nauseam through the radio channel at work, but I’m not even going to pretend that I knew who any of these songs were by prior to listening to this. The internet is a beautiful thing! Ultimately, the fact that all but one of the twelve songs are covers (which also happens to be the only one available in a physical format) comes across as an inauthentic and contrived effort by an aging punk rocker whose original music hasn’t impressed me in more than fifteen years. 

 –Juan Espinosa (No label credited, distributed by Pirates Press)