TIM TIMEBOMB: “Change That Song Mr. DJ” b/w “Guardian Angel”: 7”

Jun 06, 2014

Tim Armstrong (of Rancid, and here under the moniker Tim Timebomb) did this deal where he released a song a day for a year. As someone who is a fan of the guy’s stuff (in spite of how embarrassing that is, and how ludicrous and cartoonish the man’s persona has become over the years), I listened to most of them. The majority of the songs released were old country and western or ska covers, and towards the end of the year he just released the same songs without vocals, ala old singles from the ‘50s and ‘60s. His backing band is the guys from the Interrupters, and in my humble opinion, maybe ten percent of the year’s songs proved to be even remotely interesting. Pirates Press is gathering those songs up and releasing vinyl versions of them. “DJ” is a quick and frenetic tune that may be as close to aping the Ramones as the guy’s ever gonna get, and it’s a good one. The B-side could’ve come off of their recent album, but there’s a grittiness in the production that gives the song a little breathing room. A fun little record, all in all, and absolutely miles above some of the stuff he released throughout the year. 

 –keith (Pirates Press)