TIM BARRY: 40 Miler: 12”EP

Formerly of Avail, Barry has turned from hardcore to country punk. Festooned with harmonica and tambourine solos, the title of his latest solo effort on ivory and gold vinyl alludes to a freight train rider who prefers short rides close to home. Living in a shack in the backyard of his girlfriend’s house, Barry laments over hipsters at designer markets, train hopping, and hobos. And booze; can’t forget booze. Barry’s lyrics leave a poetic sting as heard in “Wezeltown” and “Bankers Dilemma,” signifying he hasn’t lost any of the piss and vinegar from his Avail days. Julie Karr, a fellow Richmond, VA singer/songwriter, shares vocals with Tim in “Adele and Hell,” a bluesy break-up to make-up duet. If folk punk is yer thing, you best pick this up. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Chunksaah, chunksaah.com)