TILTWHEEL: “Teach Your Children Hell” b/w “Believe”: 7”

Mar 17, 2011

My Cher’s songs-made-to-video memory is full of holes. But since Tiltwheel’s a San Diego band, San Diego has a huge naval base, and Davey’s really charming, that the powers that be would allow a video of Davey in a lacey, buttless thong and leather jacket, suggestively straddling a 16” gun, then prancing on the deck of a destroyer while sailors cheer to his lip synching. That’d be awesome in my book and the type of answer I have queued up when the next person asks me what I’d do with a million dollars. This 7” was supposed to be tour support for a European tour that didn’t happen, so it’s totally feasible that “Teach Your Children Hell,” that’s also on The High Hate Us LP, wasn’t out at that time. The B-side’s a cover of Cher, and for those who’ve heard Leatherface’s cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors,” it weirdly illustrates how well crafted musically—and how tender the words to—the originals were.

 –todd (Drunken Sailor, myspace.com/drunkensailorrecs)

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