TILTED #1: $1 ppd. (?), 4 ¼ X 4 ½, photocopied, 40 ppgs.

Jan 22, 2011

What would be an eloquent and literate homage to a fantastic band, Lifter Puller, becomes a eulogy. The band broke up right after this little zine came out, and after reading it through, it made me all the more happy that I’d seen Lifter Puller live  a couple weeks prior to their demise (to verify that the true verve of the band that Mike writes about wasn’t just the well-written musings of a publicist-to-be). What separates Tilted from most of the herd of its collated and stapled brethren is the ease and fluidity of the writing without collapsing into simple cheerleading nor chastising the reader for never having heard of the band. Enthusiasm, well written. Mike also has a knack of weaving narrative, interview, observation, and correspondence into a seamless whole. His style is staccato and rhythmic; rapid bursts followed by explanation: “LFTR PLLR is Literature. It is raw emotion of mystery and suspense, true orbiting paranoia, a comedy of errors, the new world as viewed and aurally construed by the newest. LFTR PLLR is cruising the strip and about to jump on the freeway.” Fine, fine read, even if you don’t know or will never listen to the band he’s musing about. -Todd (Stovepiper Books, PO Box 370895, Reseda, CA 91337-0895)