TILT: Been Where? Did What?: CD

Aug 10, 2009

I’ve always had a sort of love/hate relationship with Tilt. Sometimes I love ‘em, sometimes (like when they put their last album out) I think that they were put on this earth solely to make my life that much worse. Delusions of grandeur, I know. But I digress. When the band hit the mark, they make the words pop and punk actually compliment instead of repel one another. This is one of those moments. This collection of rare, comp, demo and unreleased tracks by this long-running Bay Area band serves not only as a look back at where they’ve been, but also as a good starting point for those not yet familiar with them. Good stuff that actually marks the second non-Me First and the Gimme Gimme-related release from Fat I own that I can actually say I truly like.

 –jimmy (Fat)

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