TILT: Been Where? Did What?: CD

Aug 10, 2009

Backward progression. Most punk bands start off raunchy and loose and progress to play more of a rock thing as they become more talented as musicians. Tilt, on the other hand, started playing more of a rock thing at first and progressed to their trademark punk sound. This is an out-takes, demos and comp tracks release. As a fan, I had a hard time listening to this at first. It was painful. I was actually shocked at the earlier material that I haven’t heard before. Once it got more to recently recorded material half way through the CD, I got comfortable. Familiarity came to me and now I was ready to enjoy. The energy level that I was in tune with came forth. Oh joy, three covers also! Two TV show theme songs and an X cover! The covers geek in me got stuck right in the middle of this release as I re-listened to the covers. Tilt fans and collectors will buy this regardless of what I have to say. If you are interested and never purchased a Tilt release before, I say buy Collect ‘em All or Viewers Like You before buying this. Those two are their more trademark records and is their best representation to date. For those who have no clue, this is a female led punk band that has aggression and melody.

 –don (Fat)