TIJUANA KNIFE FIGHT: Saturday Night Apocalypse: 12” EP

Dec 30, 2008

Long Beach punk rock/rock and roll outfit, sonically following in the footsteps of the Hot Snakes, where the whole of the sound is made up of its band members listening to equal amounts of Fugazi or Sonic Youth and Motörhead or Motley Crüe. Alternating successfully between intricate and subtle guitar work, experimentation with non-traditional sounds created by Theremin and organ, as well as pummeling, explosive thrashing of their instruments and wailing vocals, Tijuana Knife Fight happily genre hop throughout the various punk and rock playgrounds to create an enjoyable, thoroughly listenable record that sticks with you after repeated listens. As well, the artwork is clever, with a design replicating an old, beat-up LP you might find for a quarter at the swap meet. And as an added bonus, they throw in a CD version of the recording. Only complaint is that this 12” EP is one-sided, leaving the whole other side empty. Why not fill up both sides, gentlemen?

 –Jeff (Self-released, www.myspace.com/tijuanaknifefight)