TIGON: Infinite Teeth: CD

This is really good in the all the ways that really good music fucking blows. It’s over-talented, methodical, intentional, and soulless. It’s math rock; boring-ass, redundant math rock with that Louisville / Chicago building-to-a-shout vocal that’s so familiar that I can’t even put my finger on which twenty or thirty bands did it first for the sake of reference. I was so underwhelmed by this that I googled it just to find a new way to describe a sound I’ve heard and written about so many times. I was shocked to see so many metal, stoner, and sludge-type blogs rave about this band as if they were playing something interesting. Have they not heard generic post-hardcore or math rock before? Maybe not. They described it as metal at times and talked about how exciting and bad-ass it was. Some even compared it to Neurosis. They also call it noise rock in a lot of reviews, which must have been written on a one-sheet that I didn’t get because it’s only noisy in the most literal sense of the word—it’s loud, but only between all of the ho-hum stop / start parts. Whatever. These guys need to put the bong down and learn how to play something with soul. Limited teeth.

 –Craven (The Ghost Is Clear)