TIGHT FITS!: Demo: Cassette

Nihilistic punk that declares “I hate everyone around me and everything that I see.” So you can rest assured there’s no songs about changing the world, or skateboards, or dumb shit pop love songs. Instead, you get demands for drugs. These guys can play, as evidenced by some of the solos (check out “Release the Poison” for proof). The guitars and drums, together, have a solid punch. I imagine live they could deliver. The vocalist reminds me of Jeff Klein (NOTA) and Andrew Lersten (Vilently Ill), with that strangled growl sound and vitriol. “Das Wuff Wuff,” “Release the Poison,” and “Are You Wounded / Dog Jaw” kind of bogs down, but, other than that, it’s hate and more hate. If they use this demo to see what works and what doesn’t, they could be a band to watch for.

 –M.Avrg (Self-released)