TIGHT BROS: Self-titled: LP

Tight Bros are not from way back when, they are from now. If the Ramones were a ‘59 Cadillac then Tight Bros are a fucking Tesla. (Yeah, I don’t know shit about cars.) Tight Bros have produced one of the finest pop punk products on the market in this here first half of the 2010s. The speed is relentless. Starting out at a double-time speed that most pogo-ers would strain a muscle and only relenting when you find yourself at the one or two songs that require head banging instead. As a three-piece they sound so full. The intricacies of the vocals weaving in and out is complex without seeming heady and pretentious. This is the kind of record that makes me confused why everyone in the world doesn’t listen to pop punk. It follows the pop rulebook, makes it dirty and noisy with complex, but accessible, melodies. It’s a hard spot on the musical landscape to find, but the Tight Bros. have a great home here. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a champion of this band for a long time. I remember actually paying for MP3s of this record because the vinyl wasn’t available yet. The excitement on my face when I saw this disc was obvious. If you’ve been wondering where all the good pop punk is lately, it’s here. It’s the Tight Bros. And you’re a fool for not seeing it. (I am also going to use my once yearly “Go buy this fucking now” power by saying you have to buy Good Shade’s self-titled LP. (Which shares a member or two.) I’m not super educated.) Grade (for this and Good Shade’s LP, why not?): A. 

 –Bryan Static (Let’s Pretend / Rad Girlfriend)