Sep 10, 2009

You should have heard the overwhelming “Yes!” resonating out of my apartment when I got this one in the mail. Tight Bros. From Way Back When are probably the most underrated band on the planet today. Their latest endeavor culminates with the all the fury and passion that drove them to kick ass all over this sweet land of ours and finds them venturing into some uncharted territories (Joe Tex cover!). I don’t dare say it and mean for it to be comprehended as an asinine reviewer scumbucket description but damn it, this one’s a little more soulful than their usual straight ahead, take-no-prisoners, rocking wild abandon (did I mention the Joe Tex cover?) i.e. the cult classic rock record of all time – their first full length, Runnin’ Thru My Bones. Dave and Quitty make beautiful destruction together with their double guitar ballet of assault. You can’t mistake those gut-wrenching pipes of Jared, whose voice harkens of Enrico Caruso gargling with straight lye. These guys will sweat, bleed, and barf for your undeserving asses to be moved into a frenzied state of all-out rocking because they are just the type of people that give a shit about rock’n’roll, and I don’t mean no pansy assed “punk” shit either. As The Kids once said, “This is rock’n’roll!” Hell yeah, this is the pure amped-out shit right here. Go get this record and get laid. I’m serious. If any dude put this record on during a make-out session, I would be so floored by his (a) good taste, (b) if he can keep it up to this beat, he must be one savage animal of a fuck, (c) damn that Joe Tex cover. After your sorry butt gets laid, take your date out to physically see Tight Bros. From Way Back When and watch the fireworks fly. Your date will be drenched in beer from head to toe, her lopsided neck will probably not be able to withstand the weight of her own head. She probably had too many beers trying to get drunk before she had to see you in the nude again, but most importantly, she’ll be weak and ready... for round two. Ho, ho, ha, ha – no guarantees in this here review but try it anyways. Oh and yeah, yeah everyone sounds like the MC5 these days. Fuck you.

 –nam (Kill Rock Stars)

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