Jan 24, 2008

Thank God: Hey, let’s walk down the hall of this practice studio. Behind the first door, we’ll hear pummeling, violent hardcore. What’s this down the hall? A guy practicing Iron Maiden bass lines? Okay…Then his neighbor is doing creaky, country moans over some Blind Joe Death guitars? Rad. And at the end of the hall is someone blasting that old Southeast Hardcore Fuck Yeah comp and crying over it. Cool. I’d be happy to take that walk again. Tigershark: What if you and your buds got all hyped up and decided “No, we really can push through this concrete wall?” Then when the cinderblocks fell on your head and didn’t hurt, someone yelled “I just thought of the song title of a lifetime! ‘He’s Not a Bartender, He’s an Artist!’” and everyone went “Too true, man. Too true.”

Terrific cover art from Ryan MacLennan. One gripe: A 10” on 45? Come on guys. Just do a 7”. Al Gore is pissed. –CT Terry  –guest (Molsook)