TIGER ARMY: II: Power of Moonlite: CD

Sep 10, 2009

I liked the first release a lot even though I was misinformed on a lot of information. Since it was for another zine, I won’t go into details. The second release is so much better! Nick 13 (singer/guitarist) establishes a permanent line-up of Geoff Kresge (ex-AFI) on stand-up bass and London May (Son of Sam, Samhain, Danzig) on drums. He also recruits Lars Fredericksen and Matt Freeman (Rancid) and Davey Havok (AFI) to guest on this release. Thanks to Hellcat for the extra CD Rom that contained the “Electronic Press Kit” that gave me all this information. But by the time I got this release in my hands, the 3D glasses were gone. I missed out on the 3D interview/movie. Now with a solid standing, this time around Nick 13 and his bandmates put out a classic psychobilly release. Psychobilly is the base here but there are elements of punk, country, and rock that bleeds from their backgrounds. With the added elements, each song sounds unique and keeps the attention of the listener. I normally don’t like psychobilly but Tiger Army has made me a fan.

 –don (Hellcat)

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