TIEBREAKER #1: $3 US/$4 Int., 7” x 4¼”, copied, 76 pgs.

Mar 04, 2011

Pretty nice work for someone who hasn’t done a zine in around five years. Themed loosely around the notion of domestic terrorism and how it’s defined and formed by governmental policy, the media, and the court system, Tiebreaker’s a pretty dense read. The initial piece, mostly focusing on the hypocrisy inherent in specifically targeting “ecoterrorists,” comes across as a little dry, though Lynch is on the ball enough to spice up the layout with plenty of visuals and break up the material with shorter pieces. Also includes how-to’s on guerrilla theater, “10 Ways to Be Labeled a Terrorist” (which includes, um, attending vegan potlucks and even organizing protests before they actually get started), and lengthy interviews regarding jailed activists. There are also plenty of additional reading lists, and the majority of information is sourced. Again, it’s dense material, but Lynch clearly put a ton of effort into it and it’s recommended to those interested in learning more about radicalism and America’s domestic War on Terror, much of which seems to focus on ecological activism. –Keith Rosson (E. Chris Lynch, PO Box 171, Bloomington, IN 47402)

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