THURNEMAN: Luggsliten Levnad: 7”

Jul 02, 2009

When I was informed that Svartenbrandt had broken up, I was pissed. I loved that band. Their songs went by in a flash and left a deep impression on me. Luckily, before they disbanded, they turned me onto another contemporary Swedish band that approached layered, hardcore punk with the same innovation and intensity: Thurneman. They’re great. And of all the record labels in the world, one that resides no further than an hour away from my home put this out. You can see Thurneman shirts pretty frequently around Razorcake HQ, ‘cause when they sent distro copies of the DMC Comp., they packaged them with test screens. This band slays hardcore punk with a dagger cut from very strong ore.

 –Daryl Gussin (Puke N Vomit)