THUNDERPOP FANZINE #1: $??, 8 ½” x 11”, photocopied, 28 pgs.

Ever since Jeff Dahl stopped publishing his classic Sonic Iguana fanzine, there has been a dearth of zine coverage of glam punk. Now the drought is over with the publication of this interesting and very cool fanzine done by Kevin K. For those not familiar with Kevin K, he has been a fixture of the glam and punk scene, mainly in NYC, for a very long time. Starting out in Buffalo, NY with the band Aunt Helen in the late ‘70s, Kevin went on to play in New Toys, Lone Cowboys, Road Vultures, and has released over a dozen solo records in the last fifteen years. Kevin K is as consistent as they come stylistically, always coming on like a combination of Johnny Thunders and Ramones with a lot of grit and feel in the tunes. Given the sounds he makes and the obvious fandom to his heroes over the years, it makes sense that he would name his fanzine what is seemingly a combination of Johnny Thunders and Iggy Pop. This is the first issue and features a great interview with Jeff Dahl done by Kevin and a reprint of a pretty cool interview with Cheetah Chrome from the mid-‘90s. There is also a tour diary from Spain done by Ricky Rat of the Trash Brats who plays with Kevin quite often. In addition to all this, there are cool reprints of newspaper articles about Thunders, Ramones, and more sprinkled throughout the mag. Very cool issue. I am looking forward to seeing more of Thunderpop. – Mike Frame ([email protected])