Apr 29, 2016

This is seriously offbeat rock music. When you don’t know a band, you can’t help but listen and be reminded of other bands, which gives you context. With this band, I’m not even reminded of a particular subgenre of rock, much less other bands. I’m sure they exist, just not in my world. Let’s start with the fact that they’re a two-piece. And if you were to guess at which of the three essential rock’n’roll instruments is absent, you’d be wrong. Just bass, drums, and vocals. Oddly compelling for someone (me) who generally appreciates traditional song structures, written with original twists and/or executed exceptionally well, over the, well, weird stuff. While I was certain I’d tire of this before side one was over, I was wrong. This is the good kind of weird, the kind that fools you into thinking that you’ve finally figured them out, then pulls a 180. Like in “Fuktitutionalized,” just when you think you know where they’re taking you, they launch into a straight, four-on-the-floor rock section, which, in any other band, is the most predictable part of the song, but not here. In any case, let’s say you like early Turbonegro, bass guitar, Fugazi, b-movies set in space, Eagles of Death Metal, and Roxy Music record covers; you’ll want to check this out. I think. Probably. 

 –Chad Williams (Thunderkrotch)

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