THULSA DOOM: 1998-2000: 10”

Jan 19, 2012

Wow, I was hooked on the first listen. Thulsa Doom was a crusty East Coast hardcore band akin to the Profits or a more straight-forward Anti-Product. This discography 10” gathers their lone EP, a split with Distraught, and two unreleased songs. Judging from the fliers included, they played some great shows, with everyone from the Subhumans and Vice Squad to Aus-Rotten and the Varukers. While I don’t know why their material is being gathered now, over a decade after their demise, I’m not complaining. This stuff is great: authentic, well-executed and dirty punk shit. It’s concise, rapid-fire, energetic as hell and, for the most part, timeless. Might be more in line with Maximumrocknroll’s readership, who knows, but this one really should appeal to folks beyond the scope of this particular time period. Definitely worth seeking out.

 –keith (Sit & Spin)

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