T.H.U.G.: Self-titled: 12”

Jul 13, 2010

Sydney, Australia’s T.H.U.G. play hard oi, like something out of the early 1980s U.K. skin scene. Inspired more by bands like Combat 84 than the softer sounds that preceded them or the faster sounds that succeeded them, this is some seriously rough stuff. The violent lyrics are clearly tongue in check, making this almost seem like a parody record at times. But the music is so seriously kick-ass, that it doesn’t matter if they’re for real or not. Especially notable is the song “69,” preaching about how old skins should let the kids take over: “Don’t worry about 69 / kids now days they’re doing fine.” It’s hilarious, rocking records like this one that us fans of thuggy punk live for.

 –Art Ettinger (Rock ‘N’ Roll Disgrace, rnrdisgrace.com)