THUG MURDER: The 13th Round: CD

I’m speechlessly awestruck and agog! This is the end-all be-all punkrock release of the past two decades! Why, how come, and what the hell fer (you may not ask)?! Well, just because Thug Murder ballistically blaze to the max (and then some!) with auditory attitude galore! This trio of terroristic tune-destroyers turbulently transfix my ears with their ragin’ punkrock roarings of audial disorder that’s exhaustively fast, frenzied, ferocious, and flailing all over the fuckin’ place! They are the fierce female equivalent of The Ramones, Sex Pistols, early Rancid, The Nobodys, and Wizo cacophonously crossbred with a leaner, meaner Shonen Knife… flesh-shreddin’ chainsaw riffs, thunderously stompin’ gut-pummeling rhythms, viciously snotty spit-in-your-face vocals, and all of the rebellious spirit and wild, crazed youthfulness noxiously needed to sonically surpass most of their mentors, contemporaries, and like-minded punkrock comrades-in-arms! Yep, I’ll even go so far as to proudly place this belligerently loud disc, song for song, in the same venerable league as The Ramones’ self-titled debut, the Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind the Bollocks…”, The Clash’s self-titled debut, The Buzzcocks’ “Singles Going Steady,” and The Misfits’ “Legacy of Brutality.” “The 13th Round” is so damn awe-inspiring and swift, no amount of descriptive praise can adequately define its furious nuclear conflagration of flesh-scorching sound. So my brew-sloshed suggestion to you all is simple and sincere: acquire this ear-blistering CD now at any cost whatsoever (even if ya have to rob your very own grandmother blind!)… it’s essential listening for your continued unruly punkrock existence!

 –guest (TKO)