THROW RAG: Desert Shores: CD

Jun 23, 2009

“Stellar.” Look up that word in a dictionary and you’ll see a pencil drawing of this band right next to it. Over the years, Throw Rag have gone on to win over the most dirt-ridden of hearts by kicking it out onstage as well as digging themselves into the brains of the most jaded music fuck with what they’ve procreated in the studio, turning these listeners into full-blown r’n’r junkies. Originally recorded and slated to be released as

2nd Placethe band went back and re-recorded the whole shebang, and DesertShores is what they finally ended up taking to the pressing plant. Being a true believer of the ‘Rag, I can’t help but wonder if the original version of this album would’ve knocked more dicks in the dirt, ‘cause I’ve heard the live versions of most of this release, and the live versions absolutely smoke the versions here. And let me add that that’s saying a whole hell of a lot, as the songs on this record make me flop around like a paraplegic chicken with fucking epilepsy every time I put this disc on. With songs like “Hollywood” (LOVE this fucking song!), “Bag of Glue,” “Hang Up,” “Reno,” and “Demons in a Row,” this is Throw Rag doing what they’ve consistently done time and time again – writing and recording great songs, plain and simple. Sounds easy, don’t it? Sure it does. If it’s so damned easy, everyone can do it, right? Wrong. There’s only one Throw Rag. Anyone reading this should also seek out their 1st full-length, Tee-Tot, if you already haven’t. Crucial listening, to say the least. But if you want to see one of the best damn things making music and doing their thang live, go see the almighty Throw Rag. You’ll be converted quicker than Sean of The Skulls can say, “Carnitas burrito – and HURRY THE FUCK UP!” at Alberto’s. Trust me.  –dale (BYO)

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