THROW RAG: 2nd Place: CD

Jul 31, 2008

It’s quite the rare occasion when a real solid band records a fantastic record that gets shelved by its own label at the time, only to be given another opportunity some years later to be released by another label who knows a good thing when they hear it (I hear Acetate is also re-releasing Throw Rag’s debut LP Tee Tot in celebration of the ‘Rag keeping the band going full steam ahead for ten years—hells yes!). Roughly half of 2nd Place (six songs, I believe) was laid down around five or six years ago, only to be denied release by BYO Records (Throw Rag’s label at the time) for some bullshit reason or another of supposed production overkill. That in itself is all jive because anyone who’s seen them knows damn well that Throw Rag are fucking overkill, be it onstage or in the studio, period. They continue to be one of the very select few bands that consistently bring it 100 percent, right up there with Motörhead and The Candy Snatchers. Los Rag ended up laying down some lo-fi versions of these songs that were included on their 2003 Desert Shores rekkid, and while it was a great release, it’d could’ve been that much better had BYO gone with the original recordings route like Acetate did here on Throw Rag’s latest offerings of rock’n’roll Eucharist. Funny thing is—I’ve always felt this to be true—as I had my paws on the original version of Desert Shores before it got re-recorded and went to press. The disc has

2nd Place hand written in Sharpie on it, now that I think about it. Anyway, the old adage “better late than never” has never been proven more true here. Songs that will have you up and wobble-bopping around like a downs syndrome snake dancer in no time flat include “Hang Up,” “Hollywood,” “Bag of Glue,” and “Demons in a Row.” Included are covers “I’m So Glad, I’m So Proud” (their cut from a Link Wray tribute) and “Don’t Be Afraid to Pogo,” their tribute to one of L.A.’s finest, The Gears. This record was laid down with their past six-piece lineup, but now they’re out on the road, continuing to gather up more and more fans one gig at a time with their four-piece rock crusade. I’ve been listening to and watching this band for a long time (since their first year out, actually) and they continue to deliver time and time again. Scrawl this rekkid at the top of your list the next time you’re out shopping for new releases. BYO already fucked up once. Don’t you do the same.  –dale (Acetate)