THROW RAG: 13 Ft & Rising: CD

Nov 10, 2008

Über punk courtesy of BYO Records with über punk legends Jello Biafra, Keith Morris, and Lemmy Kilmeister. Classic west coast punk via snotty, chorus-y, loud, tight, and controlled songs with a wild guitar and a thumping, defined bass. Hair metal vocals bandied about so you don’t forget it’s Throw Rag. Frenetically DK-infused throughout, with the exception of some Tenderloin-styled roadhouse rock, a jaw-harping hillbilly do-si-do on “So. 5th St.” and some no-frills pogo-ing punk on “The Promise.” Biafra and Morris join in a standard Jello epic at the end. Produced by Cameron Webb (Social Distortion, Sum 41, Lit, Tenacious D, Ben Folds, Danzig, 311 and two American Idols).

 â€“thiringer (BYO)