THROUGH YOU: Silhouette: CD

Jul 12, 2007

This thing is absolutely amazing: a classic case of some record label PR dickhead just firing blind and sending out promos to every magazine with a glossy cover. Through You's got a mixture of "sweet riffs," chunka-chunka hard rock stuff, and acoustic ballads. The vocals alternate between rap rock and an eye-wateringly high, lilting singing. Three of the four members thank God in the liner notes. Includes the lyrical gem, "I see fire in your eyes controlled and molded into stars and God's given you His wonders to hold and blessed this love of ours and it is so unbelievable how beautiful this has become." I read the lyrics to Anna and she started vomiting everywhere. If I had to sum it up in a one-word review (and was allowed a hyphen), I'd say soul-killing. If Clear Channel and the CIA ever put their heads together and came up with a black-ops studio band meant to nullify the general populace's will to live, these boys'd be hired on the fucking spot. I predict a 7-Up commercial or two in their future.

 –keith (Parafora)