THRETNING VERSE: Time for War: 7” EP

Apr 16, 2009

I remember seeing these guys a few years back and not thinking much about them, other than they were just your average backyard hardcore band providing the perfect music to get drunk by. Well, that assessment’s changed thanks to this smokin’ piece of wax. The sounds are steeped in the hardcore sounds found east of the LA river, fast and furious with no bullshit delivery. This sounds like it could’ve easily come out in the mid-’80s, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Messrs. Jake Smith (TV git-twanger and former Crucifix punk hero) and Mike Vallejo (ex-Circle One guitarist and current Decry babe magnet), who do a great job with the producing and engineering, respectively, and getting this to achieve maximum rage. You like it loud, raw and fast? Look no further.

 –jimmy (Puke ‘n’ Vomit)