Jun 06, 2014

The defeated-looking old lady adorning the cover of this record didn’t give me any insight as to what these bands were going to sound like. Three Man Cannon have a nostalgic indie rock sound. They took me back to the early days when all these now-famous bands belonged to us and not the world. The recording has a warm home recording sound to it. Lee Corey Oswald really took me back to the ‘90s and reminded me of bands like Superchunk and Pavement. Both of these bands compliment each other really well. If you miss the days of discovering underground indie bands with your weirdo high school friends then pick this record up. A lot of band names come to mind when listening to this split, but, more importantly, it’s the time that this record reminds me of being young, having your whole life ahead of you and not realizing it. This split is a perfect blend of indie rock, pop, and emo (the good, old stuff). Great record overall. 

 –Ryan Nichols (Stereophonodon / Black With Sap,