May 10, 2007

It’s been well over a decade since the Three Blue Teardrops’ swaggering, powerful albums One Part Fist and Poised in Hate were unleashed on an unsuspecting and nebulous American psychobilly scene. Rustbelt Trio was a highly anticipated release; old fans expected a glorious show of power and new fans couldn’t wait to hear the hallowed sounds of an urban legend. But with the utmost respect, we’re all disappointed. Rustbelt Trio is mostly slow and plodding, along the lines of TBT’s third album, Milemarker 26, with too few remarkable tunes; a grave departure from the frenetic, adrenaline-fueled first two albums. Dave Sisson and crew are incredibly talented musicians of the highest songwriting caliber who have not languished in the years since TBT, but they seem to no longer possess the raw, untamed fervor and recklessness that set them high above all others. Then again, perhaps none of us do. RIP, TBT. RIP.

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