Threat: DVD

Jun 05, 2007

            The plot of this film is simple enough—two friends, one a hip hop dude and the other a homeless straight edge kid, bring their two tribes together and murder and mayhem ensue as the two groups clash. In theory, it should make for interesting viewing, if not successfully conveying its message—which appears to be that underdog factions should focus on fighting the greater society than each other. The problem, however, lies in the execution of the film. After a nicely done intro, the bulk of the movie consists of disjointed scenes featuring various members of each group separately prosaically waxing philosophical about assorted subjects and doing little else. While this may have worked to some degree in movies like Clerks, the script here is sorely lacking anything close to Kevin Smith’s wit, and the actors make the View Askew stable of thespians look like a seasoned Shakespearean company. The remainder of the film, a tit-for-tat murder spree, the result of the meeting of the two groups at a straight edge gig, is essentially pointless, as very little sympathy for the dead characters has been developed over the preceding hour for the audience to really care that they’ve been shot, stabbed, or hit in the face with a gardening claw. –Jimmy Alvarado (Halo 8 Destructions, 7336 Santa Monica Blvd #10, LA CA 90046)