THRALL: Hung Like God: CD

Jan 02, 2002

Thrall insanely blast a caterwauling metal-tinged mindfuck of intricate noise-rock rage that had me feverishly clawing at the inner demons who continuously ravage my pitiful worthless soul. This is a dark and demented soundtrack for a futuristic nuclear holocaust; a disturbing psychopathic swirl of blistering sonic savagery; a teeth-gnashing, eye-crossing display of deranged musical madness. The nine nefarious tunes contained herein possess twice the anger, twice the energy, and three times the passion of anything ever recorded by Killdozer, the Jesus Lizard, and The Cows (three well-known bands somewhat comparable to the almighty Thrall). Holy shit, my eyes and ears are melting like gelatinous candlewax slowly oozing across the scorched surface of my face. I’m profusely sweating. Drool’s thickly dripping from the creased corners of my mouth. Somebody please sedate me and restrain my violently convulsing future cadaver in a straightjacket. Thrall have obviously invaded my bloodstream and conquered my soul. All hope is lost. I’m doomed beyond redemption, but, damn, it feels good!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Reptilian)