Thor:: An-Thor-Logy

Oct 09, 2006

Please tell me that this doofus never took himself as seriously as he appears to do in this. Chronicling the career of Jon Mikl Thor, a Canadian bodybuilder with flowing blonde locks turned self-styled rock god (may Oðinn strike him dead for besmirching the moniker of the god of thunder), this often repetitive anthology of interviews, live performances and music videos is lame at best. Wanting to make some sort of bloated muscle-rock, Thor’s act is a conglomeration of muscle-bound onstage preening and cavorting combined with “power” rock that is banal if not downright laughable. Any seriousness that one could have in looking and listening to this was smothered years ago when Gwar not only upped the ante of such stage antics, but their self-parody made it possible to take them seriously. Thor has a song in here called “Rag-Na-Rock.” I don’t know if he knows that Ragnarok (the apocalypse in Scandinavian mythology) means “twilight of the gods,” but I wish he would pay attention to his titles and disappear into the sunset. Even in my junior high heavy metal days when I spent as much time rockin’ with Dokken as possible, this would’ve a frivolous joke for me. —The Lord Kveldulfr