I’ve long been curious about this Columbus, Ohio band because of its name, but never bothered to search it out prior to this re-release (mostly due to laziness, and my always forgetting to write out a list of bands/records I want to find.) Apparently, TJSA got mixed up in the early ‘90s major label indie rock fooferal, releasing their debut (Bait and Switch) on an American Records subsidiary. These guys are too good and (probably) too drunk for that clown town. So, how to describe TJSA? The guitars are big and noisy, the vocals are discordant and wobbly (drunk?), but plenty powerful. Songs about fucked up parties we’ve all been to (“SecretMuseum”), culture done wrong (“When the Entertainment Ends”), and something called a “Rump Government” (don’t know what that is, other than a fucking catchy song). If someone told me TJSA sounded like it was a Midwestern band, I would somehow know pretty much what it sounds like. Now that I’ve listened to more TJSA, I find myself wondering: here’s a band that wrote a song called “The Internet Is Bad Pot” back in the late ‘90s. What would they call the internet now, a K-hole? Or is that reference too ‘90s? What do I know? I never did Special K. 

 –Sal Lucci (Straight To Video,