THOMAS FUNCTION!: Vanity Lights EP: 7”

Mar 14, 2007

I was initially only interested in this EP because of the crucified rabbit on the front and the line on the back cover reading, “recorded in March 2006 at the Faggot House,” but this turns out to be a spasm of three really fucking amazing songs. It is brought to you by garage pop rats/ex-members of Alabama Jihad (best band name ever?) and Panicbuttons. The first song “I Kept You (In a Pill Bottle)” seriously sounds like Tom Verlaine from Television washing down with some noisy Coachwhips and Velvet Underground hooks, but then “This Ain’t No Hustle” has twists in plenty of its own weird Alabama vibe to it. The way this is delivered is out-and-out fucking miraculous.

 –bree (DNH)