Jul 03, 2009

A four song EP by a duo from Nevada. The first track starts with harmonic guitar wankery reminiscent about what I don’t like about U2, but it quickly dispenses with that in favor of driving, punked-up indie rock maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of Hot Snakes and the Toadies. The second track stays in the classic indie rock mode borrowing heavily, but well, from classic Mission Of Burma and Wire and a bouncing bassline that sounds like the most dance friendly extremes of Joy Division’s catalog all backed up by a catchy chorus. The third song has a lot of the sonic trademarks of the first two, but weirder, more dynamic and complicated, which makes this song a mess, albeit a somewhat intriguing one. The fourth track takes a turn for the downtempo and sullen, bringing in a violin and cello and more overly complicated songwriting that caused my interest to wane entirely. –Jake Shut

 –guest (Devil’s Tower, no address listed)