THIS RUNS ON BLOOD: Youngre, Strangre: 7”

Oct 06, 2008

No idea what’s up with that title. Certainly no typo. And the band name is ridiculous as hell. I will say this; the packaging for this is excellent. Four color screen printed covers, sewn pocket to hold the split red/white vinyl that looks like melted candy, great hand lettered booklet which is sewn together as well, not to mention the screen-printed obi strip that holds it all together. Musically, these guys crank out herky jerky, supremely spastic art damaged something or other. Not necessarily my cup o’ tea, but I know there’s legions of people who dig this sort of stuff (An Albatross, Locust, etc). 500 were pressed up, if you’re inclined.

 –M.Avrg (This Runs On Blood)